Operations and Maintenace Services

Paulkens offers a broad and innovative range of globally managed services for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and ensure our Client’s asset integrity.

We can develop and tailor solutions to fit diverse operating environments.

Our competent onshore projects teams work with the planning and engineering of
O&M operations.

Our work has increased production optimised efficiency, reduced OPEX and lowered lifting costs, which has resulted in improved economic viability and extended field life.

Pipeline Leak Detection And Repair, Maintenance Of Plants, Flowstations, Offshore Platforms And Other Operational Sites, Maintenance Of Subsea Systems, Cathodic Protection Survey And Corrosion Control, Facility Integrity Assessment Tests, Electrical Troubleshooting And Repairs, Pigging (In-line Inspection / Cleaning).

Pipeline Construction And Laying

We are a reputable pipeline contractor, with a strong record of pipes laid around the country under the most difficult environmental and logistical conditions, such as forests, jungles, swamps and rocky terrains. Our large, modern and specialized
construction equipment fleet, that includes an in-house designed and manufactured Pipe Mechatronic Welding system and an in-house designed and manufactured Pipelayer, allows us to execute every type of oil & gas pipeline construction.

Road & Building Construction

Our Building construction unit is a special blend of people that bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

We undertake projects in Residential, Leisure and Hospitality, Industrial, Institional, Commercial, Canal Construction , Shoreline protection.

Fabrication Works

Paulken Engineering Nigeria Limited is well equipped
to provide fabrication of miscellaneous metals for custom projects and can include paint, powder coating and galvanizing. We also undertake Structural Fabrication, Carbon Steel Pipe Fabrication, Stainless Steel & Alloy Pipe Fabrication.

PENL Marine Services

The Marine Services aspect of Paulken Engineering Nigeria Limited is primarily set up to deliver superior quality services in the marine logistics sector, we understands that the smallest details go a long way in differentiating just a good enough service from a truly superlative experience.

PENL has exceptional capabilities to provide our clients with the newest and most effective vessels to meet their marine operational needs which provides the necessary trust in our company. We have the tools, processes and expertise to identify cost savings and
ensure international safety standards in Marine logistics to our customers, while accommodating their specific requirements.

Available Equipments: Sea going Tugboats 1000 ton barge Anchor Handling Vessels Platform Support Vessels Crew Boats, Security Patrol Boats

Dredging Services

PENL dredging services has the capacity to do depths up to
22m striving to contribute positively to the development of port sector and to maintain navigational channel of
various ports oil and gas loading jetties.

Our dredging works are performed with highest professional integrity adhering to international safety standards, efficiently adopting cost effective operations. we work towards sustainable, ecofriendly future and offer solutions in dredging for coastal protection.

We also engage in Land Reclamation, Canalization and Shore Protection

Petroleum Haulage and Logistics Management

We supply Gas, PMS, AGO and other Energy related products to filling stations, depot and other storage facilities of intended users/ buyers.

We get our supplies from bulk buyers /importers and from our offshore contacts. On Gas distribution, we are in the process of partnering with a major downstream sector player to supply gas to end users.

As time is of essence with respect to movement of items, Paulken Engineering Limited provides all equipment necessary to effect the
timely and safe movement of Petroleum products and other items from origin to destination.

Project Management

Paulken Engineering Nigeria Limited is a values-driven business consulting firm that also advises on and executes complex and strategic initiatives, helping organizations overcome challenges and break new ground in their respective industries.

PENL is made up of deeply caring, passionate business professionals provides exceptional proiect leadership to transform strategies and solutions into sustainable results.

Whether it's a problem or a "destination," we'll work side by side with you to help navigate obstacles, reach your goals, and sustain performance.

Training And Capacity Building

Paulken Engineering Nigeria Limited understands that for any successful sustainable development to go on in any society, human capacity development must be given a top priority.

This is in tandem with the human capacity development programmes of the government. Our training programmes equip
our clients with the necessary skills and knowledge to be properly engaged in different sectors giving them a viable source of

Process Engineering

Our team of Process Engineers have extensive
experience in designing, optimizing various chemical
processes and ensuring the safety and technical
integrity of process plants. Activities we carry out
ranging from but not limited to:.

Process Simulations, Flare & Blowdown System Study, Steady-state Analysis, Transient Flow Assurance, Analyses Equipment Sizing Operation and Control Manuals Relief, Flare, and Radiation Analyses Thermal & Vibration Analysis

Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

At Paulken, we offer solutions for high/medium / low voltage,
control and instrumentation installations for industrial
process plants. Our team of E&l Engineers are responsible
for designing, developing, installing, managing, and
maintaining equipment which is used to maintain and
control engineering systems, machinery, and processes.

Electrical Analysis for Steady and Transient Performance of the Power Generation System Low, Medium and High Voltage Generation and Distribution Systems and Controls Cable and Generator Selection and Sizing Cable Routing and Schedule Lighting Systems

Asset Integrity Management

Paulken also carry out Facility Upgrade and Refurbishment and our capabilities are focused on exploiting assets to their maximum potential.

Our Asset Management System takes into consideration all the assets needed for production and distribution of goods and services.

Supply & Set Up Asset Management Software. Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) Failure Analysis Services AM Implementation Subsea Intervention Services Condition Monitoring & Instrumentation Structural and Mechanical Condition Assessment Failure & Damage Investigation Reliability Centred Maintenance

Tank Farm Design

Paulken has expertise on tank farm designs, refurbishment and construction.

Our expertise includes tanks used for Crude Storage, Clean Products, Dry Bulk, Process Plants (refineries, petrochemicals, specialty chemicals), Terminals and Material Handling Plants.

Facility Design and Construction Services

Paulken is experienced in the Design and Construction Services of a wide variety of oil and gas processing facilities.
Central Processing Facilities
Single Well Pad Facilities
Gathering Pipeline & Facilities
Gas Compression Stations
Water Treatment & Disposal
Vapor Recovery Facilities
Gas Plant Facilities
LNG Facilities

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